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The One & The Other

Digital download and CD for The One & The Other by Benjamin Verdoes.

Benjamin Verdoes
The One & The Other

Released 9/18/15

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The One & The Other is an engaging narrative set in six chronological scenes. The story cleverly describes a universally experienced scenario. The melodies, textures, and trajectory of the songs are effortlessly tied up in the scenes and the larger narrative. Along with his exploration of production, Verdoes is pushing his lyrical approach into new territory. The cadences, rhythms and transitions show a clear new dimension to his songwriting.

Benjamin Verdoes first gained notoriety through his eccentric and unpredictable song writing in Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band, who released two records on Dead Oceans. Verdoes, a multi-instrumentalist, has spent the last five years developing as a producer and beat-maker. His most recent EP, The One & The Other continues a pattern of experimentation and curiosity. The new songs are a clear and exciting departure from his last solo record, The Evil Eye (Brick Lane Records).


Written & Produced by Benjamin Verdoes

Mixed by Jonathan Warman @ Zooloft

Mastered by Levi Seitz @ Black Belt Mastering

Released on Brick Lane Records

Photography by Emerald Gold

Design by Mandilla

Samples on “Night Walk” from Ocean Music’s “Nightwalkers/Travelers”

Special thanks to Ifrah Ahmed, Kirt Debique, Nathan Quiroga, Mandy Blouin, Peter Verdoes, Marshall Verdoes, Nicholas Galanin, Becky Laird, Ephriam Nagler, Jonathan Warman, Richard Aufrichtig, Omar Tellez, Tristan Plante, Nash Evans, Nate Bond Maloney, Tendai Maraire, Hussein Kalonji, Austin Crane