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The Evil Eye

Digital and LP of The Evil Eye by Benjamin Verdoes

Benjamin Verdoes
The Evil Eye

Released 1/14/14

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In cultures around the world “the evil eye” is believed to be negative energy that arises from malice or envy and is directed through an intense look or glance. Often, such a gaze is meant to bring harm upon its recipient. At the same time, “the evil eye” is the name of an object created for protection or as a remedy against this dangerous force. It can take many forms and can be displayed in a variety of ways: a necklace, amulet, jewel, or charm. In the context of the record it is a symbolic gesture and literary device to describe the struggles and triumph of love. In that sense the record itself is the positive object of defense against negative energy and evil intentions. The songs are narrative, confessional, and deeply personal. Although the compositions themselves serve primarily to carry the meaning of the story, they are full of subtle sophistication and experimentation. The lyrics and metaphors are cross-referential, bilingual, bicultural, and overlap to create a narrative full of nuance and subtext. The result is a universal and timeless love story.

"The Evil Eye is a record I made for a beautiful person. It is a rebuttal to those seemingly powerful forces that tell you what you can and cannot do–the eyes that watch carelessly and tongues that move thoughtlessly in an attempt to describe and limit something that is spiritual and perfect. It is a love story."

-- Benjamin Verdoes


Songs & Words by Benjamin Verdoes

Players: Samuel Miller - Bass, Keys, Matt Badger - Drums, Melodie Knight - Voice on Bill Iyo Zaynab, Forest of Your Mind, and Under the Layers, Ian Williams - Horn

Engineered by Samuel Miller at Crybaby Studios

Mixed by Samuel Miller and Ephriam Nagler at Crybaby Studios and The Red Room

Produced by Benjamin Verdoes and Samuel Miller

Mastered by UE Nastasi at Sterling Sound

Released on Brick Lane Records

Photography by Megumi Shauna Arai

Design by Mandy Blouin (

Thank you to all my friends & family, and special thanks to: Ifrah Ahmed, Kirt Debique, Nate Quiroga, Mandy Blouin, Sam Miller, Matt Badger, Melodie Knight, Jonathan Warman, and Ian Williams